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Hell's Mouth, Cornwall
Medium: Oil on board
Size of art work:  Width:  61 cm. Height: 45.6 cm.
This clifftop view of Hell's Mouth is on the North coast of Cornwall near Godrevy.
So called, as it's name suggests, because of the dangerous rocks where the rough sea and waves crash in.  If you are brave enough and venture to stand perilously near the cliff edge and look down you will see a spectacular drop to the rocks below.  I once saw a shipwreck near there. 
In my view of the clifftop scene with it's grasses, wildflowers and blue sea and sky you might never guess what lies below! If it were not that is for the title of course!
I wanted to paint it because I was interested in the contrasts of dark blue sea with pale greens of grasses, dusty browns and my mamories of stopping off there to look at Hell's Mouth when driving along the coast road.
Hell's Mouth, Cornwall